Miley Cyrus Experienced Worst Week Ever Because of Leaked Photos?

Miley Cyrus, who was music industry’s good girl, is facing more than a booming music and film career these days.


After photos of the 15-year-old star leaked online showing her posing in front of a camera in her underwear, those behind the star’s “clean image” were in fear that the effect it may have on the teen sensation’s reputation.

This isn’t the first time the “Hannah Montana” star has caused a stir with potentially racy photos. In December, buzz sparked online with candid shots of her practically tongue to tongue with a female pal in her myspace profile.

At the time, Miley told NYC radio station Z100 that the pictures were being blown out of proportion.

An insider revealed, “Part of her public appeal has been that she’s a squeaky clean Hollywood good girl and she’s not seen out partying and flaunting her sexuality like many young stars today.”

As for the recent batch of pictures making it’s way over the Internet, the insider added, “Miley was just having fun and goofing around in all these pictures, like any normal teen. They were never supposed to be made public, and Miley feels very betrayed that someone close to her leaked them.”



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  • macius vamp

    WHATS THE BIG F**KING DEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on we have all seen worst then this, it seems to me like your condeming miley for acting like a teenage girl. as long as she had the sense to cover up her, how should I put this (HER KEY ELEMENTS) then i have no problem with her taking a few racy pics, or would you rather have her take the less glorious route of some of her fellow stars, and drop the top and panties. Thats one thing i like about this girl she knows to give enough to keep people talking but, not enough for them to write her off as another paris or lohan wanna be. Someone I do have a problem with is her father. At what point does parental instincts kick in and he goes Hey its not okay for someone to be taking half naked pictures of my child. i have a question for the vanity fair publishers. why did you think it was okay to publish a picture of a half naked fifteen year old girl ? shouldn’t there be a point were you go this isn’t right. as for the subject of the photos you should really think about why the cover was allowed to go so far, and stop reading so much into a picture that was ment to do nothing more then catch th eye of a few druwling teenage boys.

  • quagmire

    no one is perfect…I for one thought IT WAS HOT..

  • sydney

    I luv her but i mean she did what she did and now its over theres really not much to talk about. Everybody makes mistakes our job is to help them learn from them