Miley Cyrus: ‘Questionable’ Photo, Taking Over Sirius

Miley Cyrus had hit the controversy as her MySpace photos surfaced online.


Her photos depicted the Hannah Montana star in risqué behavior with a close pal, who happens to be female, which you could see here.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus dominated filmdom and mastered music but there is one area left to be conquered: satellite radio.

But there is a report claimed that she takes control of SIRIUS Radio for five days. Starting on December 28, it’s Miley-time as she plays nothing but her favorite songs, shares personal stories and counts down the years to 45 pop songs.

It’s been an amazing year for “Hannah Montana star” as she skyrocketed to fame and officially became the youngest artist in history to have two number-one albums in under a year. So taking control of the SIRIUS is a very fitting way for the multi-hyphenate to bid adieu to 2007. And if it’s possible, 2008 is shaping up to be an even better year for her.



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  • Kathy Taylor

    Billy Ray says he and his wife did not know about this photo. Well, he DID know about the one that was taken with him which was VERY SUGGESTIVE! I can’t believe a father would pose with his daughter like he did. That was a very seductive photo. It’s not as if Miley needed the money! Why is Billy Ray trying to cash in on his daughter’s fame? He really didn’t make it and it sure looks like he is using his daughter to try to get himself out there. What a Shame! Get your own life Billy Ray and your daughter is ONLY 15 years old! She shouldn’t even be thinking of making her own decisions. Even though you think she is so grown up, she should be brought back down to her size and age. She is a kid and 16 will not make a difference either. Be a real GOOD dad and make your own way and don’t keep cashing in on your daughter’s fame. AND if you want to be a really good dad let her be a kid and dress and act like one. She is really cute and seems to be really sweet. Next thing you know she will be another Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan if her parents don’t wake up and smell the roses.

  • valja

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  • irish de leon

    What is mileys nationality? I heared that she’s. Part filipino, is this true?

    Sponkit: I am not sure about that information but I guess it was Vanessa Hudgens who is half-Filipino

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