Nick Jonas: “Anyone Would Be Lucky To Be Dating Selena Gomez”

Nick Jonas, who was the youngest among the Jonas Brothers, appears to be coy about his rumored girlfriend.

Nick Jonas

The young singer is keeping tight-lipped over his rumored romance, and refused to divulge in any details about Selana Gomez when he was grilled with questions by Ryan Seacrest on a radio show.

The Disney stars further sparked more rumors after giving the same answer in different interviews when question about their first date, and on yesterday’s KIIS-FM radio show, Ryan Seacrest asked the youngest Jonas about the “Wizards Of Waverly Place” star.

Here are the details of their conversation:

Nick Jonas described Selena as “an amazing girl, and anybody would be lucky to be dating her.”

Ryan Seacrest asked: “Well, are you [dating each other]?”

Nick Jonas replied: “Well, like I said, anybody would be lucky to be dating her. I think she is a part of our music video, and that is why all the rumors started. But yeah, she’s a cool girl.”

Ryan Seacrest joked: “I’m just gonna wait for him to say yes.”

Nick Jonas reacted: “It’s cool.”

Ryan asked: “Would you see her outside of work?”

Nick answered: “I probably would.”

Ryan also asked: “Do you know when her birthday is?”

Nick replied: “I do when her birthday is.”

Ryan added: “Dating! What guy knows that, except the boyfriend!”

Perhaps their fans would have to wait if they are dating or not.



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  • joejonasgrl

    yes anyone would be lucky to date her well looks like your the the lucky one so wat you talking about man

  • rooster cogburn lol

    Anyone would be lucky to date her she seems like shes a nice and funny girl but she also has the looks i would die just to get a chance to date her.


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  • i love htis song so much i love the jonas brothers too nick is so cute and joe