Rachael Ray Dismissed Throat Cancer Scare Report

Rachael Ray, who is Emmy award-winning daytime TV show host, is shooting down reports that she had a throat cancer scare and is about to be silenced for two months by surgery.

Rachael Ray

The bubbly Emmy winning talk show host is having surgery but it’s not as serious as reports suggest, according to her representative.

Charlie Dougiello, who is a spokesman for Rachael Ray revealed: “Rachael is the picture of health. She is having very minor surgery to remove a benign cyst on her vocal cord. It’s a common in-and-out procedure that she will have in early December and it will not adversely effect any of her daytime show or Food Network taping.”

It was reported online that Rachael Ray, 40, was scared she had throat cancer, which required surgery that would prevent her from speaking for about two months and would disrupt her work schedule.

The busy television star will have to to rest her voice for a week or so after the procedure but her ailment did not slow her.

A source explained: “She’s totally fine. It’s just something she needs to take care of. She hasn’t been feeling ill.”

On the issue with her voice, Rachael Ray previously revealed in 2006: “I lose my voice a lot. I had a lot of croup as a kid so I don’t have the strongest vocal cords to begin with. I went to a voice doctor [who] taught me exercises for my throat and to cut back a little on the caffeine.”

Rachael Ray is currently in Italy celebrating her third wedding anniversary with husband John Cusimano, family and friends.



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  • Sandi

    Hi Rachael,

    So Glad everything turned out for you and your throat problem. I was so sad to hear what it was, and not from Rocking at John’s Gig’s as he suggested on your Bio.
    I wish you continued good Health and a long happy career!
    You are just so Bubbly, that you help me start my day out good, helping me put my disabilities away, but soon you may run second, seeing that I’m that I’m going to be a First Time Grandma, my Daughter’s having a girl in October She’s he’s going to be named Lillian, to me she’ll be Lil’ Lily! and the nights I get to Babysit her you’ll have a new viewer! Which should be quite often since my Daughter, Lacey, and my Son in law Jeremy will be working and finishing up their Last Year of College! They’ll have a rough road to travel but I’m sue their Love will show then the Way!

    Wishing You and John all the Best In Life!

    One last suggestion, since you have musical acts and Bands on all the time, why not turn us on to you Favorite Band, John’s band. That’s not promoting them but rather answering a Viewer(s) Request! We’d Love to hear an original song he wrote for the Bubbly Woman in His Life! Surely he has one, if not he’d better get writing!
    Oh yeah, I read about your Bling but haven’t seen a pic yet! Don’t be shy. show the pic of your Black Diamond Band, I’ve personally have never seen one and since it represents the Love John has for you and you for John you should show them all together. If any one has anything negative to say about them, let them…it just shows what a Critic is Ignorant and Jealous!

    Good Luck Rachael to both You and John!

    Will be waiting to hear what used to give you the sore throats
    But you have to Behave!


    Sandi from PA