Robert Pattinson Is Back In Los Angeles

After his frenzied months in New York, Robert Pattinson is saying Hooray for Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson

a report has exclusively indicated that the brooding Twilight vamp touched down in Los Angeles on Tuesday, hopping off an American Airlines flight in his favorite black hoodie.

While the majority of his Twi-Saga family departed for Vancouver today, where filming on Eclipse is about to commence, Pattinson did not connect flights and head north.

Robert Pattinson instead departed in a black SUV, trying to evade photographers the entire time.

What could Rob possibly sticking around for? His costar Kristen Stewart is in town as well, filming the Joan Jett biopic The Runaways, until August 17.

Wonder if they’ll be occupying each other until then?



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  • Anne

    you nearly got it. he just picks her up because kristen and Mr Pattinson get married in vegas on wednesday by elvis before heading for vancouver. but it’s a secret, ya know. till then he has to find his car (as you know it got lost) and he will wash his clothes bc he ordered a washing-machine last week. Maybe he has some time to get to the Teen Choice Awards on monday in LA. but i don’t think so.. he might be so busy. and 12 nominations aren’t not worth it to go there. OMG

  • Martina

    He is due to appear on the Teen Choice Awards next Monday, then he will fly out to Vancouver to start filming Eclipse.

  • Claire

    I finished watching “Little Ashes”. It is an interesting movie, beautiful photography and good acting of the two main actors, Javier Beltrán and Rob Pattinson; especially for english-culture people who probably know very little about these three great spanish artists: Lorca, Dalí and Buñuel. I enjoyed it.

    Many famous actors have dared with the gay part: Heath Ledger, Javier Bardem, Jake Gyllenhaal, Antonio Banderas, Jorge Perugorria, etc. I think was a good learning opportunity for Rob and both Beltrán and director Morrison mention his seriousness as an actor.

  • Claire

    It seems Rob speaks french. He does it in Little Ashes in a comfortable way, like someone who speaks the language, with the correct accent and everything, but he too manages to pronounce the name of Lorca, Federico, without english accent. So, “Bel Ami” may well be a french-speaking shooting, that would be great because the novel was written by a french poet and writer, Guy de Maupassant.

  • naina

    hi rob, wats your problem why you always follow deserve way better than that
    think about it