Robert Pattinson’s Dentist Ordeal

British heart-throb Robert Pattinson was forced to fix his teeth before filming new movie Twilight – because producers wanted him to have an alluring smile.

Robert Pattinson

The “Harry Potter” star was delighted to land the lead role in the new vampire tale, but admits he was less than impressed when movie officials pushed him into some major dental work before the shoot.

He says, “They wanted me to have the perfect smile. I never thought anything was wrong with my teeth. But the producers still wanted me to wear a brace.”



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  • kleigh_SYURPMAKER

    Rob’s teeth were perfectly normal to begin with….but his smile in twilight was so astonishing! He left me astounded…and in the week since the movie has been out…i have seen it well over 32 times and i am going ta see it this weekend again…he is sexy

  • Rebecca

    wow, wait let me just clarify something with you. His smile was so astonishing it astounded you? Shocker! And ye, he’s pretty damn hot but everyone’s only in love with him because of the character he plays in the movie and the character in the book. Unless you are actually in love with someone you don’t know, if you are, im very very sorry for you and I deeply hope you enjoy seeing the movie for the 33rd time.