Selena Gomez Asks Taylor Lautner For Help With Robert Pattinson

Twilight star Taylor Lautner – who will play the hunky werewolf in the New Moon sequel – is howling for a date, the Enquirer claims.

Selena Gomez

Is he living in the shadow of Robert Pattinson? He may be as a report claims that Selena Gomez asked Taylor for help with Rob, even though he was desperate to date the Disney cutie! The 17-year-old “dumped his high school sweetheart after he made it big – and now he’s desperate and dateless,” a close pal told The Enquirer, in a published report.

When Taylor arrived in Vancouver to begin filming the sequel “New Moon”, he met Disney star Selena Gomez “and instantly flipped for her,” divulged his pal. But Selena said she wouldn’t hang with him unless he was single, so Taylor broke up with his high school girlfriend Sara Hicks.

The source added, “But after a couple of months together, Selena confided to him that she had a thing for their co-star, Rob Pattinson – and shocked Taylor by asking if he would put in a good word for her!” Taylor and Rob reportedly are close friends, “but it’s got to sting Taylor that Rob’s the guy all the girls are chasing,” said his pal.

The buddy claims that soon, Taylor became Cupid’s favorite victim. The actor developed a crush on “Transformers” star Megan Fox only to learn she wasn’t interested, revealed his pal. “Sadly, no one seems to notice Taylor” said his pal. “He’s incredibly buffed and great looking. But girls are so busy lusting after Rob that they overlook Taylor.”



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  • Michelle

    I think once New Moon comes out, things will change for Taylor. Even so, he should do something untwilightish to get noticed. Unforturnately, he will get overpowered by Robby until he does. He is so talented, so handsome, it’s a shamie.

  • Miranda

    Dang what a “buddy”! Well Not me!! I HAVE NO interest in Robert Pattinson. I am definitely a fan of Taylor Lautner and so are all the friends I speak to, and so are all the friends my sister has except for one, and that one friend of all of her friends is only 1 who is gaga for robpattz. So seems to me this so called “close buddy” is a fake trying to cash out with Enquirer; and Enquirer puts this story out and suddenly it’s the truth!? Enquirer? Really? The one and only who reports that Elvis is living with aliens!! *rolls eyes*

  • Korrie

    honestly i like Taylor way more then i like rob. it seams that rob is dessprate 4 love and its all in the magazines too aperently girls like that, well i don’t, i like sweetheart Taylor he’s cute and charming! and who wouldn’t like him?

  • Kylie

    I like rob but i like taylor even better!!

  • stephanie

    well, no offence to selena gomez but, she made taylor bascally dump his gf for no reason. gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man. and i dont see what people see in robert no offence to ant rob lovers but, i mean it. gosh i had to let that out of my system. well selena really shouldn’t have used taylor like that i mean he dumped his gf FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, yea all i have to say well write lolz.

  • christy

    sorry rob but to me taylor is waaaaayyyyy better!!!!!

  • Kayler

    i feel sorry for taylor but he needs to know if your friends with rob patt girls will ask you to get his number for them or ask to put in a good word for them its just because you not as hot as robert

  • Kayler

    and evemn know im a big fan of selena you cant’t tell a boy or a man to dump his high school sweet heart but no offence to selena fans ad to taylor she is not that cute and she has no chance with robert she is stilla minor and if he ever slept with her he could get aressted so she needs to back off because he does not want her he wants kristen not a little girl that is 17 years old

  • Kayler

    but taylor is hot and selena should apologize to taylor

  • belinda

    i have to agree with kaylor
    i wonder if kristengonna dump robert for tyler ther almost the same age
    no offence guys thats even if there dating
    i thought so but really dont know

  • gidget123

    I love selena taylor and rob but i can’t decide between team edward or team jacob they are both really cool