South African Parents Are Not Happy With Oprah Winfrey’s School


The parents of students at Oprah Winfrey’s all-girl-leadership academy are not happy because they want greater access to their children. They were comparing the school’s restrictions on visits, phone calls and e-mails contact to prison rules. A few mothers complained that the two-hour visit permitted one Sunday a month was not long enough to reconnect with their daughters who are currently staying full-time at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. The academy is located in Henley-on-Klip.



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  • linda

    I am not happy with the Oprah hoopla. I wonder if anyone gets it. Here you have this woman, who I think is next to talentless, (unless of course, you think losing and gaining weight , or nodding your head as somone else speaks is a talent) taking credit for being sooooo charitable when a great portion of what she is donating to the poor is coming from the poor. How so, you ask, well, how do you think Oprah Winfrey has made all her millions or is it billions? She started with her talk show. Which as we all know, has advertisers that pay for her and the whole production (which she now owns). I know that is how all of network tv does it. The difference with Oprah is this, as she became more and more popular, the more and more money she demanded. She now had leverage, the network did not want to lose their golden goose. She is the highest paid talk show host. And she doesn’t even break a sweat doing it.
    Being on daytime tv, a lot of the products advertised during her show are things that most of us NEED on a day to day basis. Things like cereal. In order for the Advertiser to afford commercials during her time slot, they pass on the rising cost to us, the consumer. American consumers many of which use food stamps to buy these products. Now, I don’t think Oprah single handedly caused this but I do think she is the biggest contributor. She does not care that the people of this country cannot afford some of the most basic of products. There is no denying that her GREED has something to do with the ridiculous prices. What she gives back is nothing (and a write off) in comparsion to what she takes. It’s a drop in a very large bucket. By the way, people of all colors buy cereal but her so-called generosity seems to have only one color. I wonder if that is some sort of understated racism. In closing, I would like personally thank every person who buys an almost $5.00 box of cereal for all that they have contributed to Oprah Winfrey School. (Modest too isn’t she!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • regina

    Oprah said at Howard University Graduation Speech 5/12/07
    I regret that (My Grandmother) didn’t live past 1963. And see that I did grow Up and Get Some Really Good White Folks working FOR ME

    That to me is Very Racist