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Bruce Willis Reportedly Gives Huge Tip After Buying Christmas Tree

Bruce Willis appeared to have good Christmas spirit when he gave a huge tip during his Christmas tree shopping this week.

Joe Jonas’ Christmas Tree In A Box At Ashley Greene’s Place

Joe Jonas was spotted carrying a Christmas Tree in a box and heading to Ashley Greeneā€™s place in Los Angeles on November 29.

Jonas Brothers’ Happy Holidays Greeting & Sneak Peek For New Flick

Jonas Brothers, who previously answered 17 questions, and their “Camp Rock” co-stars are featured in a new PSA from Disney Channel. Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas, along with Demi Lovato and Alyson Stoner, wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

Britney Spears’ Christmas Tree Plans

Britney Spears, who previously reported that her song caused upset to Australia parents, revealed that she is spending the holiday with the family this year.