Vanessa Hudgens In Twilight Film?

Rumors are suggesting that Vanessa Hudgens, who shot to fame in “High School Musical” films, might be close to signing as the character of Leah in “New Moon.”

Vanessa Hudgens

The “High School Musical” star is said to appear in the second Twilight movie, New Moon, as Leah, one of the werewolves or vampires.

The “Twilight” sequel is in the works, with Chris Weitz in as director and filming scheduled to begin in March. Look for the vampire movie to be theaters on Nov. 20, 2009.

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will also be at the filming again in April 09. The movie will be called New Moon and will include the HSM star. When they start filming in April 2009, the director will not be Catherine Hardwicke, but the actors themselves: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.



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  • raehyew

    the actors themselves wont be the directors…

  • cazza r

    Vanessa hudgens can not go into the next twilight film, a actress who became famous through high school musical ? no way this would purely put twilight films off seeing new moon she too happy to play the role. Leah Clearwater has anger issues there’s no chance that vannessa could act out the role of a girl who hangs around with a pack of werewolves. She doesnt even suit the film in general twilight and all the books are dark and mysterious vanessa isnt she al bright and bubbly.Vanessa Hudgens wouldnt suit the role at all as she wouldnt be familar with the play and who teh fellow actors do their parts it would take her about 12 years anyway to grasp the concept of the film and books.

  • Heather

    I swear, if Vanessa is in ANY of the Twilight films, or if any stupid Disney channel stars for that matter, I won’t watch the films. I’ve been a “Twilighter” since the first book came out and they were set apart from the rest of the other teen/tween things and putting people like Vanessa or the supposed Brenda Song. I do not want Disney crap in films that I love, and I think I speak for a lot of people.

  • sadfkjs

    dearGOD; i hope not.
    i mean i love v, but cmonnn.

  • Twilight Forever

    PLEASE DO NOT CAST VANESSA, going from Disney to Twilight would be god awful and I don’t think I would bother watching the movie if she was in it!

  • Naomi

    If Vanessa Hudgens plays the part of Leah i wont see another Twiilight movie again. She is just not made for the part, in my opinion she should stick to highschool musical, if she gets the part she will ruined everything.


  • Emily

    wow. i’m just shoked. i never EVER would have guessed. i thought about it and i think if she wasen’t in HSM she would be really great for the role. but everybody knows her as “Gabriella” not “Leah.” i think it might be a good idea but maybe not… i really don’t know

  • Alex Absscision

    NO WAY!
    She is not fit for the role of the mad, anger-issued, Leah. She has a temper and Vanessa is too happy! I don’t like her and even though I would still go to the movie, it won’t be as good as the first, if she’s in it.

  • Aimee

    No, No, No, No, NO!
    Vanessa will ruin New Moon.
    There is plenty of other actresses out there to play the part.

  • FANpire

    ohhh c’mon!! vanessa?! OMG!!! no!!!! she will just ruin the movie, i dont see her as leah! no please, i dont think i will watch new moon if she’s in it! OH GOD!

  • taylor

    ok not that i have anything against vanessa hudgens u know she’s just another tweeny actress she makes little kids happy……
    but da*n if she really is set to be in new moon then really what are they thinking, i think there’s a big difference between dancing and singing around a lunch room than playing a really strong one of kind female wolf…. she is always going to be associated with HSM
    I adore the books and was a bit wary when they decided to make the film but i think they’ve done a pretty good job why ruin it now…. reading the books makes you create and imagine the characters to be honest Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clear Water… yeah not the image i imagined

  • Alice

    Actually she won’t. Lets think about this Twilight has a 50 million dollar budget and she would be to expensive plus they are doing new to hollywood actors and she is famous so don’t worry shes to famous.Totally off topic but Taylor is buffed. He gained almost 30 lbs. of muscle and an amazing six-pack!

  • Amanda

    omg she seriously can not be in the movie
    its gonna throw everything off
    no high school musical people should be allowed to be even close to casting calls for the movie
    but there is a rumor dakota fanning might be in the movie
    and she is ok but i dont think she is right for twilight

  • Devin

    really just leave her alone if she wants to do it let her

  • Alexis

    You know I think Vanessa will be good for the Leah you never know she might be very good as the role just take whatever role you get.& if you guys dont know Vanessa my opin is to dont talk.if she can do it she can do it lets not start trouble.I think Vanessa can pull it off & if you dont think so…so what your not the derector so dont go saying anything!

  • Morgan

    the movie didn’t do the book justice anyways, it was horrible. and who says vanessa hudgens can’t play an angry girl who hangs out with wherewolves? its not like she’s only able to be a bubbly girl on disney channel; when has that ever reflected the personality of the star? come on now.

  • Julieta

    pleasee i don´t want that Vanessa Hudgens be part of the movie “Twilight”… she will ruin New Moon!
    Soo pleasee do not cast VANESSA!.. ok?..
    Well… i wanna say HI to EDWARD i love him♥ since i watch Harry Potter! Oh my good he is soo handsome! oh and his body! …
    kisess! from Juliet Argentine 🙂

  • serena

    why really why would you do that to a poor movie i mean really wat did it do to you?!?!?!?!? anyhow cant wait to see new moon!!
    but if she is leah maybe that will amke me look at vanessa differently…idk and she doesnt even fit herr part vanessa is sweet and a goody girl leah is mean and stuff like that!! compare not so great but i guess thats why you call it acting…

  • Alice

    Omg!!! im so angry right no wi dont want her in it
    Why Not Put in Barney And Zac Efron And Call It New Moon Musical
    Eughhhhhh Im So Annoyed

  • ness

    no way!
    she is to much of a princess to play leah. she couldnt possibly play an angry bitter werewolf. And please, i don’t want high school musial invading twilight. because, ew! those movies are terrible. i watched the first one and gave them a shot, but NO! they are horrible childrens movies and vanessa couldnt play leah, end of story.

    she is now saying that it was just a rumour, but i think she is really just saying that because she realised how much the fanbase would hat the idea of her being in the movie.

  • ness

    sorry to say to juliette argentine, but edward cullen is a fictional character. Rob Pattinson is who you mean.
    you are the kind of twilight fan that make us all look like 11 year old school girls, who are fawning over a ficticious character.

  • ness

    just one more reason i don’t want her in the movie: we will get a whole bunch of tweeneys coming to see new moon just to see her. they will annoy me through the whole effin movie, i swear!
    i completley agree with amanda, who is a few comennts above me. high school musical stars should stick to what they do best: happy, crappy, disney movies.

  • maritza

    i really dont think that any disney channel person should be in none of the twilight books!
    i think that they are just going to kill it for some people!
    it would really disapoint me!
    i dont think ill like it as i did b4!
    if they want to become more famous, they should make another disney channel but they should not get in twilight that would suck balls!!!!

  • dee

    nooo please. no disney channel stars please..hahah D:

  • Molly

    I totally azgree with all of you! Vanessa should not be in Twilight, I like the actors as sortof unknowns, so it makes the movies seem more real cause u dont see it as Gabriella playing Leah or whatever. Vanessa “nakedpics” hudgens does not deserve twilight! all she deserves is high school musical. bleh!

  • trina

    dats ok…dats kinda a relief cos i thought dat she was going to be bella and dat wud lyk ruin all four books! but i dnt think shes twilight material, but i supopose she ll be ok

  • nancy

    dont you dare put her in twilight we dont want rubbish squeky voices in twilight
    hi im slutty character that gets naked and was in hsm a rubbish film and want to be in twilight to hurt and ruin films and people
    AGHHHH im not watching the film if she is in it .

  • Janet

    c’mon! i will watch the movie though, but it wont be the same, she can NOT be Leah Clearwater, that’s a very tough character for little cheerful singing “HSM Gabriela” there are plenty of actresses who could be just perfect for that role!

  • Raven

    I like her. But she is too well known. And i won’t feel the film the way i did twilight.
    I don’t care that she did her nude pics thing, thats not why i’m against her playing the role, she’s just not Leah material.

    I really hope they don’t cast her..

  • CRB#1

    Those of u that said Vanessa shouldn’t b in the movie,u guys r out of ur minds!She deserves 2 b in it! Thank U!
    Christelle Bibit 🙂

  • Cap33

    please, no! she’s too well known. People see her as the sweet, innocent, annoying drama queen Gabriella, not as the bitter, sarcastic, pretty, under appreciated Leah.

  • natis

    i personally dont like vanessa and im kinda jealous cuz xhe going 2b with Jacob (which is so HOT!!) BUT shell be okay lets see what hapens..

  • Tina

    I think Vanessa might be suited for the role. Just because she play’s a shy and bubbly person in HSM doesn’t mean she can’t be a angry poblemed person like Leah…She only plays the role she is asked to. That is what actors do: THEY ACT.

    So If Vanessa wants to play LEAH…Go right ahead. You go girl!!!!

    & For all of you that are giving bad comments, stop hating. Just because you can’t do it like Vanessa dont mean you have to hate on her. Get a life, she already has one.

    XoX0 Tina XoXo

  • Alisa

    i really wish vanessa hundgens wasen’t in the movie.

  • veronica_09

    Ok, i agree with most of the people who left comments. do not let vanessa play in the next film. If she is in it i will probably not watch it.(I DO NOT YET)like for real!!! i am a twilighter fan,she is too well known. and its gonna throw everything off no high school musical people should be allowed to be even close to casting calls for the movie but there is a rumor dakota fanning might be in the movie
    and she is ok but i dont think she is right for twilight. and plus She is not fit for the role of the mad, anger-issued, Leah. She has a temper and Vanessa is too happy! Well i like i said i hope no actors from HSM or any disney actors or in tje films!!!

  • ok,i agree with the most of the people who left comments.But just don’t let
    vanessa play in the next film.But if vanessa be’s in the next film then probably i won’t watch it then.(DON’T DO IT)for real!!!!but im a twilighter fan and also my sister,so she is too well known as.Because ,well she is in the High School Musical scene’s then she can’t try out for that then but its her not being meen but im just telling what is best for her but remeber its her choice only,im just giving some advice.
    BUT I LOVE TWLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • senuli

    I think that she is not good for it. Becuse I love NEW MOON and I don’t want to se it been ofull with VANNASIYS.And I hate her 4 ever

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    I have a weakness for Twilight, especially the newest one.