Who Snap Vanessa Hudgens’ Thong Pictures?

Vanessa Hudgens has already new set of pictures floating around the Internet that follows the real pictures of her nude pictures.


In the new set of pictures, the “High School Musical” star is snapped in another selection of poses as she played with the cameras and one picture shows two girls wearing thongs that was taken by someone — is it possible that Zac Efron snapped the thong picture?

In one of the pictures, the face of the 18-year-old singer-actress could easily identify and it also appears a guy’s foot at the base of the photo. It was determined that the said pictures were taken last October. It also appears that it is not the included in the first n@ked pictures of Vanessa Hudgens.

Speculation sparked that there are more coming of another nude shot of Vanessa Hudgens. According to a speculation, one photo shows that she is blowing suds on the bathtub.

For the meantime, the link of Vanessa Hudgens’ tongue picture is here.



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  • ally

    I dont think so she would never shes a good person plus i wonder how zac would feel????????idk maybe its possible

  • savanna

    i agree with ally

  • jordann

    vanessa is a very pretty girl.
    she shouldnt be posten thoses nude pictures..
    not a goood girl.
    your a gooood person.
    why are youu doing thiss.?

  • jose

    dam* vanessa is muy bonita.

  • brian

    will somebody might have fi the photo and poseted them on the web by if she did u it then it is he asy and not anyone elses is is old enough to take her or responabillitys