Zac Efron: Released From Hospital, Ashley Tisdale Revealed He Is A Good Kisser

Zac Efron was released from Cedars Sinai on afternoon of January 18 after a health scare and rush to hospital to remove his appendix.


The “Hairspray” actor was spotted with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens as they bolted out the back door of Patty’s restaurant in Toluca Lake together (with their friend Ashley Tisdale) just a few minutes ago.

He was even snapped making an OK sign, perhaps it is clear indication that is he is recovering well with a little help from his friends, both Vanessa Hudgens, his number one girlfriend and Ashley Tisdale, his number one other female friend.

Meanwhile, His girlfriend was asked how Zac Efron kisses. Vanessa Hudgens played it very cool and simply answered, “Mmm”. Perhaps it means yes and he’s pretty good at it. But his other female friend Ashley Tisdale revealed, “He’s a good kisser.” And what is Zac’s favorite kiss? The actor revealed, “My favorite kisses happen when I’ve taken it nice and slow.”



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  • Alicia

    I had me appendix out and it was scary at first but quicker its done then its all done and over with

  • loooove ashley

    vanessa hudgens goto the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil l.o.l

  • you suck zac your mean vanessa gave all her love to you your mean i cant belevie you pick that stupid girl ashley tisdale or did vanessa break up with you or did she cheat on you or cheated on her cause i know you didi ashley tisdale pretty but she not your type it because you gay that whta your are your gay like the joej onas for breaking up with taylor he is a big pain in the head and a jerkb they make a good couple she is so pretty but he is such a big pain in the ass.

  • you suck vanessa why would you do that to zac breaking his own heart sending a naked pic to drake and josh .you made him upset why would you do that and ashley is a good couple for him and you to but you guys are to pretty for hi and you to zac why are you gay that is so nasty .trhat what people are saying but i was just asking and you better tell the truth or i will crack you head

  • LOL

  • Nick

    Zac is gay? Um… I hope he is? If he is i would love to see him… LOL!

  • Anastasiya petrova

    hello to evryone! iam russian. and maybe that is y i can make mistakes in english.i think that we should not totalk and say bad things about zac,vanessa and ashley. they are all goodfriends!!! some people love zac afron and some of them do not. i like zac az a friend… because now he has a girlfriend and it is vanessa. so we are not supposed to be jeleous of somebody)))))))))) zac is the best!vanessa is the best! ashley is the best! high school musical is the best!

  • sarah

    Look Zac is totally cute and he’s single
    so stop telling him lies and rummours