Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Reportedly Split: Did Vanessa Cheat on Zac?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have reportedly split. Is it really over? A report claims that hottest young pair has called it quits and Vanessa Hudgens was spotted with another guy while Zac Efron was off promoting “Hair Spray” in Australia. Vanessa Hudgens has been embroiled in a scandal over nude photos that have surfaced all over the Internet.


But reports claimed that Zac Efron was willing to stand by Vanessa Hudgens and give her the support that she needed. The couple was spotted on Sunday night together looking very grim and they were caught by the paparazzi and right away speculation was that the mood was sour and there was trouble.

According to a source, while Zac Efron was away in Europe promoting Hairspray, Vanessa Hudgens was at a Hollywood Hills party, where eyewitnesses say she was “all over” her older, not-Zac date. And when someone dared to ask about Zac, Vanessa “threw a fit and said ‘don’t mention his name!'” The same source claims that the split is official.



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  • brook BURDETTE

    i cant belive it

  • melonie

    i think that is “good”

  • Zanessa’s Huge fan

    No vanessa will never cheat
    and if they broke up Iam so sad for them
    and if they did Zac will be the reason

  • sinful

    It’s a good thing they broke up now… puppy love never lasts… They’ll probably never get over it… But good thing, cuz Zac is way too good for Vanessa. He deserves an honest women who’ll treat him right. A women who’s got her head on straight.

  • i think vannessa is a great couple with zac. and i do not think that vannessa cheated on him.i would be a better couple with zac.
    zac you are so hot. and sexy.I LOVE YOU 4EVA N EVA.
    you are my inspiration. i admire you. i love you forever.

  • i think that you all should leave these people alone. vanessa did not cheat on zac. i hope that they stay together forever they are truly beautiful people.