Angelina Jolie Ready To Grow Old With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie insists she and Brad Pitt will “grow old together”.


The 32-year-old actress admits Brad is the only man that has ever truly understood her, and she loves him more and more each day.

She dismissed rumors that they have problems in their relationship, saying, “These rumors don’t affect you if you don’t pay attention to them. Brad is the first man to understand me and give the impression we are a team. Honesty and trust are fundamental. He shares my point of view. The most important thing is being able to grow old together.”

She continued, “I recognize there were times when he wanted me to open up, but it is sometimes difficult to do that to the person who shares your nights.”

As for the thing that she likes about Brad Pitt, the actress added, “He is the best father one could wish for. I was resigned to being a single mother, and then he came into my life. I didn’t expect him to invest so much time in the role of head of the family. He is one of those fathers who knows how to make up bottles of milk, knows how to potty train and all the rest. He is the ideal lover.”

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