Angelina Jolie’s Film Trouble Over Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever has been a major cause of Angelina Jolie’s problems on the set of her new film,Salt, for the past couple days. Angelina and the dog are required to do four scenes together but the dog, who goes by the name of Bingo, is not cooperating with Ms. Jolie. But some people say it’s the other way around.

Angelina Jolie

One source revealed: “Bingo is a very loving dog and everybody on the set is falling in love with him. But Angelina Jolie hasn’t been very nice to him.”

The source continued: “Bingo would go up to Angelina so she could pet him and she would say, “Please get this thing away from me!” In one scene today, Bingo was supposed to come running to Angelina when she fell off a ladder. Instead, Bingo ran right past Angelina and into the arms of an audio technician. It was obvious Bingo wanted nothing to do with Angelina, who has some dogs of her own for the sake of her kids, but generally doesn’t like them.”

The source added: “Bingo is very well trained and has been in several movies. But golden retrievers can sense if someone is fake and cold, like Angelina Jolie”.

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