Angelina Jolie’s Low Key Stunt Scenes Spark Pregnancy Rumors

Angelina Jolie has reportedly requested last minute changes be made to the script for Salt so she won’t risk her chances of falling pregnant, it’s claimed.

Angelina Jolie

The mum-of-six is said to have purposefully requested that the film scale down its action scenes in a bid to to stay in tip top condition – so she and Brad Pitt can try for baby number seven.

A source tells the Mirror, “There is still some exciting action stuff – most notably a scene where Angie’s character is chased by snipers over rooftops.

“But there’s no back-flips on speeding trains, and it’s all more face close-ups rather than action sequences.

“Earlier versions of Salt could not be shot with a woman in the early stages of a pregnancy. But the draft they’re now shooting can.”

As a result the film – which follows CIA agent Evelyn Salt as she attempts to clear her name – looks set to fall short of Angelina’s previous action-packed project Wanted.

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