Anna Friel Blames Lindsay Lohan For Paparazzi Attacks

Actress Anna Friel has an unwelcome signal whenever her Los Angeles neighbor Lindsay Lohan has left her home – because it’s the only time paparazzi stalk the Brit for pictures.

Anna Friel

The Land of the Lost star lives just three doors down from Lohan’s home in the Hollywood Hills, and only has to look outside if she wants the latest on the 22 year old’s travel plans.

And Friel insists she’s only victim to lurking photographers when the Mean Girls star isn’t around

She says: “I always know when she’s going out with her girlfriends, because, if she is, the paparazzi are outside. If they get bored with Lindsay or she’s not there and I’m right down the hill they’ll go, ‘Oh Lindsay’s not here. Let’s take Anna.'”

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