Brad Pitt Laughed Off New Orleans Tornado Warnings, Angelina Jolie Is A Bad Mom?

Brad Pitt is laughing off the threat of another natural disaster hitting his adopted New Orleans, Louisiana. It is because he’s not uprooting.


The actor, Angelina Jolie and their four kids moved to New Orleans earlier this year as Brad Pitt embarked on an ambitious project to rehome the victims of Hurricane Katrina.And he’s not about to let the threat of a Christmas tornado ruin his Christmas plans, saying, “I grew up in a tornado zone and now I live in an earthquake zone in L.A. or a hurricane zone here (in New Orleans). Mother Nature makes the rules… but we’re gonna live where we wanna live.”

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie nearly opted out of adopting Maddox because she feared she wouldn’t be a good mother, revealing, “They put him (Maddox) in my arms and I stared at him and I started crying and he smiled. I hadn’t held children before in my life. I was always considered so dark and I thought maybe I shouldn’t be someone’s mom because I’m not so sure about myself – am I going to be the best mom? The fact that this little kid seemed so at ease gave me the courage to feel I could make him happy and so we became a family.”

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