Carrie Underwood Slams “Party Girl” Tag

Carrie Underwood is tired of the “party girl” label each time she is photographed with a drink in her hand.


The 24-year-old singer urges fans not to buy into tabloid hype and realize she is human.

She revealed, “It’s really awkward to think, ‘Oh, gosh, somebody is going to snap a picture of me dancing and then they’ll say I’m a party girl,’ which I’m not. “You have to think about everything you do, and if you decide to go ahead and do it anyway, realize that everybody is going to talk about it the next day. I’m 24 years old, and if I have a glass of wine in my hand and somebody takes a picture of it, somebody somewhere is going to get mad because I’m being ‘a bad role model’. It’s a fine line, and you have to realize that I’m a human too.”

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