Did Angelina Jolie Lie To Brad Pitt That She Called Jennifer Aniston?

Angelina Jolie has hit the cover of an entertainment magazine with her rival Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. The magazine seems is set to chart the lies of Angelina Jolie with its catchy caption “Angelina’s Lies.”


The report indicates a promise to divulge the “Good Shepherd” actress’ huge lie that she supposedly told to Brad Pitt about calling his former wife Jennifer Aniston. It leads to a speculation that the 32-year-old actress called Jennifer Aniston and lied to Brad Pitt about it, or she told him she called Jen and didn’t.

Another lie pointed out to the previous statement of Angelina Jolie that she has only had four lovers. . After making the statement, the line from the magazine includes, “Lies about her other lovers.”

The last “lie,” which the report claims, has the whole family involved. It will explore what they consider lies about the kids and her career her “future with Brad.”

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