Drew Barrymore Graces British Vogue August Issue

Drew Barrymore, who recently became the new face of Gucci Jewelry, has graces the cover of British Vogue for its August issue.


The “Music and Lyrics” star has revealed something about herself, her new body and her style.
She talked about herself, saying, “It’s a weird oxymoron. I’m a very positive person, but I’m very hard on myself and a total workaholic.”

When she asked about her new body, the stunning actress revealed, “I wish it was easier. I wish I could eat pasta, and not lift a finger. I like strength, I like sweating, I feel good when I’m in a good momentum and I feel crappy when I’m not exercising and eating shitty food.”

As for her unique style, she added, “Well, to me it’s not a bad thing to have flowers in my hair, glitter all over the place. It’s fun to be silly.”

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