Duchess Meghan Snubs Prince Harry’s Kiss At NBA Basketball Game

Meghan Markle snubs the kiss from Prince Harry when they were spotted during the NBA basketball last night.

Despite her royal husband’s excitement, the giggling former “Suits” star denied a kiss from him when they appeared on the big screen in front of 20,000 admiring fans including Kim Kardashian, Adam Sandler, and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex watched the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Memphis Grizzlies in game four of the NBA playoffs in their first public appearance together in a month. Even though the royal couple won’t be attending the Coronation together, they still managed to keep smiling in a box at the Crypto dot com Arena, where they featured on the stadium’s large screen television. Thousands of people encouraged the royal pair to kiss when they started applauding and cheering them. Prince Harry seemed to be leaning for a kiss. Instead of giving him a kiss, Duchess Meghan only giggled and grabbed his arm. And he reacted with a funny smirk. Despite the light-hearted rejection, the royal pair cuddled as the Lakers triumphed 117-111, establishing a 3-1 lead in the first-round playoffs against the Grizzlies. Footage of the couple was also posted to the NBA’s official Twitter account with the hashtag #NBACelebRow. Meanwhile, Duchess Meghan was wearing a $1,400 pink linen suit and shoes in the basketball game. Her appearance happened after the former actress dismissed the claims that she was avoiding King Charles III’s Coronation, since she allegedly believed that the British Royal Family failed to tackle its ‘unconscious bias’ before the Sussexes left for the US. Her spokesman revealed that she wasn’t thinking about the conversations that happened four years ago.

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