Princess Kate Is Suspected of Resentment Towards Duchess Meghan

Princess Kate is said to have hatred toward Duchess Meghan after being deprived of having a final farewell with Queen Elizabeth II.

The Princess of Wales was obliged to stay away from Balmoral in order to prevent Prince Harry’s wife from attending. This may be difficult for the brunette beauty as other senior royals rush to the Queen’s side for a final farewell. This assertion was made by royal biographer Robert Jobson in his latest book, “Our King.” The 41-year-old princess stayed in Windsor to care for her children, while the rest of the royal family travelled to Scotland to be by the late monarch’s bedside when she died in September 2022. This decision was made to prevent Prince Harry from bringing his wife. The report also stated that King Charles supposedly stated it was solely for the Queen’s children and grandchildren to be with her. Although Sophie Wessex travelled to Balmoral, wives could not attend the crucial event. Meanwhile, Prince Harry flew to Scotland to see the Queen, but could not reach the estate before she died at the age of 96. In this controversial memoir, “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex revealed the heartbreaking final words he spoke to his grandmother only hours before she died. He ‘hoped she was happy’ and that she would be reunited with Prince Philip, who died a year before. He also told her that he respected her for carrying out her responsibilities to the finish.

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