Elizabeth Hurley Showed Off Her New Swimwear Range

Elizabeth Hurley, who promoted her new swimwear range, flaunted her stunning figure after her cleavage showing.

Elizabeth Hurley

The “Austin Powers” star, which was stepped into her two-piece bikini, launched her own designs for a High Street store.

Her sexy pictures selected colorful creations after she designed for Mango label. She depicted the deck of a boat in a selection of the colorful creations she designed for Mango.

The 42-year-old actress showed off her ravishing figure after she has confessed in an interview to accompany the shots that she enlisted the expertise of “nice photographers” and a little digital enhancement.

The English actress admitted, “I like a certain amount of retouching like anybody.” Even if the pictures have been retouched slightly they suggest Elizabeth has fulfilled on the promise she made in a 2005 interview to “go to ground and annoy everyone by emerging thinner, sexier and mentally cleansed”.

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