Ellen DeGeneres Previously Joked About Meghan Markle

Ellen DeGeneres previously made a lot of jokes about Meghan Markle.

The US TV star dished that the former “Suits” actress appeared on the game show, “Deal or No Deal.” She joked that Prince Harry could’ve gotten a million dollars if he had picked the other model. She commented that they finally got somebody on the inside, you guys. This comment seemed a reference since a US citizen like Meghan will marry a British royalty. She dished the scoop that Kate Middleton is her 15th cousin so that makes the Duchess of Sussex her other cousin. She also joked to Meghan to invite her to that wedding just in case she’s watching the show. She wanted plus 400 instead of plus one because she wanted all these people to come too. Unfortunately, the comedienne did not receive an invite despite her amusing request and created a lot of jokes about how she deserved a spot on the guestlist in the lead-up to their big day. Meanwhile, Ellen first met Meghan at the rescue shelter, where she told her to adopt a dog. Although she doesn’t even remember the story, the Duchess of Sussex obviously remembered it and did whatever she was told to do.

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