Why Did Jessica Mulroney Delete Pictures From Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding?

Jessica Mulroney, who was the friend of Meghan Markle, reportedly deleted pictures at the royal wedding in her Instagram page.

The three children of the stylist became a bridesmaid and page boys. That’s why she had an important role in supervising her three kids, twins Brian and John and daughter Ivy up the steps of the venue before they walked down the aisle behind the soon-to-be royal bride of Prince Harry. Her followers became aware that some pictures, which include her son holding Meghan’s veil in the famous chapel, were obviously deleted from her page. The longtime friend of Meghan explained why she decided to delete certain posts. She’s tired of looking at it after enduring three years of ‘bullying and hatred. She also advised others to be kind and gracious. And to stop acting like teenagers since they are grown ups and real women don’t put down other women.

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