Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Dismissed Superstitious Wedding Rumors

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, who recently tied the knot in Paris, have dismissed rumors that they picked their wedding date because they thought it would be lucky.


The Desperate Housewives star found reports her husband chose their wedding day for astrological purposes hilarious. It is because he’s far too skeptical to believe in those things.

She revealed, “Tony is probably the least superstitious man I know. All those reports about him picking the date because he’s superstitious are just not true.”

However French basketball ace Tony Parker is still coming to terms with the media attention his new wife has.

The basketball star admits he was shocked when hundreds of paparazzi gathered in Paris earlier this month for their marriage.

He revealed, “It’s not like Brad Pitt, or Britney Spears. It’s not that bad. It’s more for Eva, it’s not me. I’m just there holding hands, they take pictures. It’s her world.”

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