Eva Mendes Graces Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Eva Mendes, who is the face of the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign, is the cover girl of the latest November issue of Harpers Bazaar Australia.

Eva Mendes

In the interview, Eva talks about her heritage, her style, dieting and her famous curves. Here are the highlights of her interview with the magazine:

On her curves: “I have to work out four to six times a week. It’s because I enjoy pasta and having a biscuit with my coffee. I didn’t work out today, but tomorrow I’ll run Bondi to Bronte. My Cuban heritage means if the zipper doesn’t zip up the whole way, we just say screw it! No big deal.”

On her exotic look: “I definitely feel my ethnicity or exoticness has got me to where I am, yet at the same time it can also hold me back because studio heads or directors are reluctant to cast me as an all-American girl. Those parts go to Drew Barrymore, who is actually a good friend of mine.”

On her upbringing: “When I was little I wanted to earn lots of money. I grew up in Silver Lake, LA, and we were very working class. I used to say to my mum: I’m going to buy you a big house, pay your bills and you’ll never have to work again. Then I discovered nuns don’t get paid, so I thought: How am I going to buy these houses?”

On her style: “I try not to stand out. My style can be a little kooky, but I don’t want to be known for how I dress. I’ve made a conscious decision to stay away from dresses that make me stand out in a ‘fashiony’ way. I certainly love fashion, but I want to be known for my work. Not for being controversial on the red carpet.”

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actress can’t stand working out inside, and much prefers to enjoy the outdoors while exercising. She added: “I work out once a week doing light weights but on the whole I find gyms so gray and so ugly – I don’t want to listen to bad techno music on a treadmill. I prefer to go running near my house in Los Angeles with my dog or my neighbor, which I do around five times a week. And I go uphill too, which is hard!”

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