Gillian Anderson Nude Photos & Video Stir Controversy

Gillian Anderson, who plays as Scully, has a new film set to release in July and that means she will bring some buzz from the film back.


While fans of the series are anticipating of the film so are Gillian Anderson watchers. Plot details remain a tightly guarded secret for the much-anticipated project although Variety said the film would be a stand-alone story and thriller. And the Post Chronicle has noted that Anderson is again a popular search term and many are searching for the actress in the buff. You could see the steamy pictures here and video here of the stunning actress.

The first X-Files film, which extended the show’s byzantine mythology, arrived in 1998, and raked in an impressive $30.1 million its opening weekend. The first movie went on to gross more than $189 million worldwide, more than half of which was earned in foreign markets. Producers and talent seemed keen to repeat their box-office takings, particularly when the series ended its nine-season run on Fox in 2002.