Hayden Panettiere: Graced The Cover of Seventeen, Milo Ventomiglia’s Girl?

Hayden Panettiere has hit the front cover of Seventeen Prom magazine.


The magazine has indicated that the “Heroes” star has “been to two proms and about a million red carpet events. So when it comes to all dressed up, this girl is definitely our hero!” You could see her stunning shots here as well as here.

Perhaps the actress is also an old hand at this glamorous life –she’s been a star ever since her first commercial for Playskool at age 11. Just like any other girl, she is also stresses about logistics, worries about what dates she should take and obsesses over every last detail of her outfit.

Meanwhile, after weeks of denials Milo Ventimiglia has finally admitted that, yes, he is dating the lovely Hayden.

According to reports, Milo couldn’t help gushing over his new lover at the pre-Christmas Water Grill party in LA.

An eyewitness revealed, “He called her his girlfriend and said that he loved her.”

The couple then spent the rest of the party sitting together and holding hands.

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