Irina Shayk Is Reportedly Pregnant With Bradley Cooper’s Child

Irina Shayk was reported to be pregnant with Bradley Cooper’s child.

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The “Victoria’s Secret” model just had a debut for the lingerie brand on Wednesday night at the Grand Palais. She looked nice and a had fuller figure in the runaway while her outfits concealed her stomach. A source claimed that the model was in her second trimester and she was thrilled about becoming a mother. Their respective representatives did not make a comment on the pregnancy reports. Another source revealed that the couple both want kids one day and they had been discussing to start a family together since they have a huge attraction to each other as well as their personalities and their s*xual energies. Meanwhile, Irina has been going out the 41-year-old actor, since the start of 2015, and the pair took things to the next level by moving in together earlier this month.

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