Is Orlando Bloom Engaged?

Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom is reportedly engaged.

Orlando Bloom

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is blissfully happy with Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, and the pair are reportedly making plans to tie the knot.

A source revealed: “They are talking about settling down and getting married in a year. They have had a bit of a crazy year, but they do love each other and she wants to be his wife.”

The couple were recently spotted enjoying a romantic meal at exclusive Californian restaurant Primitivo, where they held hands and canoodled throughout the evening.

Miranda, 25, was sporting a collection of expensive jewelery, which included a stunning jewel-encrusted bracelet, most of which had been bought for her by Orlando, 31.

He reportedly spent $2,000 on Afghan jewelery for her at a recent charity auction, and has since demanded she throws out any baubles from her previous boyfriends.

A source revealed: “At Primitivo Miranda was saying she only wears stuff from Orlando now!”

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