Isabeli Fontana: A Model For Hot H&M Lingerie

Isabeli Fontana was modeling lingeries For H&M.


The Brazilian supermodel also modeled for Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalogue at 16 & created quite a controversy at that time. H&M is a Swedish retail giant, which was linked to celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Madonna. You could see her stunning photos here and here.

The 24-year-old Brazilian beauty shared some good details about her skincare routine and philosophy, saying, “I’ve learned that you cannot sleep with makeup on because your skin gets oily at night. So it’s best to clean your face and moisturize well. Even if it’s oily, it’s good to moisturize. So put a good product on your face; your face has to be fed with a good moisturizer cream.”

She also revealed the skincare that she usually use. She continued, “I love Shiseido and I love Biotherm. And the most important thing is to wash your face with Evian water. Because the water we always use from the shower is dirty, it has pollution in it… Just leave it on your face until it dries. It’s better because there’s no pollution or dirty stuff; your face needs to be fresh after you’re walking around the street.”

When asked if she wears a sunblock, she added, “Every day. I think it’s very important because you don’t want to have marks on your face, you know. You want to have a fresh face, a baby’s-butt face.”

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