Jamie Lynn Spears Waits For The Arrival of Baby Girl

Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend Casey Aldridge have been preparing for the arrival of their baby girl.

Jamie Lynn Spears

The celebrity couple moved into their new home in Liberty, Miss., the town where Casey grew up and most of his family still lives. It’s only 30 minutes from Kentwood, where mom Lynne Spears lives at Serenity, the estate Britney Spears owns and where Jamie Lynn was raised.

The celebrity couple’s new $300,000 house has four bedrooms, a large yard and a swimming pool. Jamie Lynn Spears revealed her favorite exercise, saying, “I love to swim.”

Britney Spears will get a tour of Jamie Lynn’s new home but will stay at Serenity with her mama, Lynne. Although she’d love to visit for an extended time, she’ll return to L.A. after just a few days.

The insider revealed, “Britney [Spears] will almost certainly have to juggle some of her visitations with her kids while she’s off seeing her sister and new niece. She’s not going to want to miss too many of those.” But don’t think the singer isn’t chomping at the bit to meet her new little niece!

Sources say Brit is set to hop on a chartered jet as soon as she knows that Jamie Lynn Spears, is in labor and has already packed her bags.

Ever since Britney Spears made a quick visit to her hometown of Kentwood, La., on May 3 for her 17-year-old sister’s baby shower, the girls have been in regular contact about the pending birth of Jamie Lynn’s baby girl.

While there are no plans for Britney Spears to be in the delivery room, she hopes to make it to Louisiana before Jamie Lynn delivers.

A source added, “As soon as she knows Jamie Lynn is in labor, Britney [Spears] and her dad will be on a plane.”

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