Jennifer Aniston Adoption Report Is “Completely Wrong”

Looks like Jennifer Aniston isn’t following in former Brad Pitt’s footsteps. Tabloid Star reports that Pitt, 45, is giving Aniston, 40, advice about adopting a baby boy. It also says the actress — currently in NYC filming The Baster — will spend $250,000 on a nursery.

Jennifer Aniston

“They are completely wrong,” according to a source.

That doesn’t mean that Aniston doesn’t want kids one day.

“The women who inspire me are the ones with families and children and who keep on working. Why would I wish to limit myself?” she told UK Hello! in March. “I want to have it all. At the moment, I’m doing pretty well. Were there times when I had a little ‘pity party’ for myself? Of course. Who hasn’t done that?”

Meanwhile, a smiling Jennifer Aniston steps out in a pair of Havaianas flip-flops as she walks to the set of her new movie, The Baster in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (April 29).

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