Jennifer Aniston Combat Loneliness

Jennifer Aniston comfort eats when she is upset.

Jennifer Aniston

The “Management” actress fights unhappiness by indulging in her favourite treats, despite usually being careful about her diet.

She said: “I don’t usually eat much, but I head straight to the fridge when I break up with someone. Then I go straight to my friends – there’s nothing like having your girlfriends one phone call away.”

Jennifer admits she often relies on her friends for support and relies on them to keep her grounded.

She added: “Even though fame came all of a sudden, it didn’t come too soon. I had already worked as a waitress in the real world, so I already had my group of friends and I’m still in touch with the same people.

“Only a few of my friends are actresses. In my friends I find unconditional love.”

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