Jennifer Aniston Confessed That She Was Unlucky With Love

Jennifer Aniston, who has presently developing a good relationship, has stopped dating her boyfriend named Brian within Vancouver.

Jennifer Aniston

The former “Friends” star was attracted to the set of “Traveling” in Vancouver, Canada after she was first linked after they were spotted leaving Courteney Cox’s house late February.

Her boyfriend, who has previously confirmed to E! Online television program has started dating the 39-year-old “Friends” star while she was filming “Traveling” in Canada.

She also revealed, “We are not seeing each other anymore,” after she returned from her trip to Canada.

Jennifer Aniston has already returned from Canada when her rumored boyfriend believed to keep in touch over the phone, and Bouma reportedly made several discreet visits to Miami to meet with Jennifer Aniston.

Brian, who stayed silent with the current press release, has already added, “I don’t want to talk about it at all.”

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