Jennifer Aniston Dumped ‘Childish’ John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston allegedly ended her relationship with John Mayer because of his close relationship with the press.

Jennifer Aniston

Early reports indicated that it was the rocker John Mayer had ended the couple’s romance. However, a source dished that Jennifer Aniston had initiated the break-up.

The source reportedly explained: “Jen will never kiss and tell, but it’s she who ended the relationship. [John Mayer’s] childish behavior only confirms she was right to dump him. Now he’s acting like a spoiled child. Expect Jen to behave like a lady.”

The source continued: “He has a relationship with certain paparazzi [and] bloggers. He tips them off. He loves the attention. Jen didn’t want to believe it was happening, but it was, and she has no tolerance for that.”

The source added: “We’re talking about a guy who had a car waiting to take him home in New York, but he chose to walk so he could talk to the press [along the way].”

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