Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Day

Jennifer Aniston just got married. The actress was wed on board a yacht decorated with flowers in San Pedro Harbor, Calif., 30 miles south of Los Angeles.


The 38-year-old actress wore a knee-length off-white dress and was carrying a matching bouquet. She got hitched to Ben Affleck. Of course the wedding was all for the film – “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

According to a report, Jennifer Aniston and her co-star Ben Affleck were spotted locking lips for the cameras and additional scenes shot on board the sailing vessel.
A source revealed, “Security was extra tight. They were taking a lot of precautions to keep people away and not give away details of the film’s story line. Jen has her own personal security guards on set who follow her everywhere.”

A set insider added, “Jen looked so happy. She was laughing and joking; her smile was radiant. And her hair, well it was her typical perfection — straight and shining in the sun. She looked gorgeous.”

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