Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Love Karaoke Singing

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony love singing karaoke together.


The singer-and-actress admits that she and her husband love singing their favorite songs when they are at home enjoying family time with Marc’s kids.

She revealed, “We love to stay home and sleep in and have Marc’s three children over. We really like karaoke; we have a lot of fun with that! We always make sure we do something family orientated so we can enjoy the house and the pool and stuff like that.”

The Latin beauty insists she has found her soul mate in her husband and loves nothing more in the world than spending time with him, saying, “We just love being together. If you have busy jobs, like ours, you can wind up spending too much time apart, so we made it our priority to not be that family.”

She added, “We’re very grateful, because it keeps us together at the end of the day. But there is something about Marc and I that works on another level.”

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