Jessica Alba Graces FHM And Mexican’s GQ Cover

Jessica Alba has graced the cover of Mexican’s GQ photo shoot.

Jessica Alba

The “Fantastic Four” actress, who previously secretly tied the knot with Cash Warren, has also included in FHM 100 Sexiest Women The World 2008.

Here are some details of her F.H.M. interview:

You must know that you you’re a bit of overnight, though. She replied, “I do? Like, everyday I look in the mirror and I am like, “Woo! Yeah!”

When was the last time your life was normal? She continued, “I think I was 12. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. Never. I was just in Europe traveling and I had the most amazing experience. I lived in Australia for two years. I lived in Canada for four years. I get to experience different cultures and most artists from all over. I really can’t imagine a better way.”

We can never get into the clubs because we’re… disheveled. Have you ever not been let in? Sure, sure. In London they haven’t let me in. She answered, “In Tokyo. In Australia, some places haven’t let me in Malaysia. The Isle of Man – of all places?”

Surely you could just tell them who you are? She added, “Oh, please. Do I seem like a chick who’s going to be like, “Do you know who I am?” No, no. Let’s just go to the pub down the street. We’ll get just as drunk there as we would here. You could always have a better party at your place. Some poker, a couple of drinks, good friends, nice music. Who cares?”

So what you are doing tonight? Tonight? She joked, “Will your wife be there? Haha!”

The actress, who personally preferred Eva Mendes, also insisted, “I never play up the sex appeal. It is not my thing. But you know, they have to sell movies.”

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