Jessica Simpson Allegedly Puts A Curse On Ex

Jessica Simpson has put a curse on ex-boyfriend Tony Romo with the help of a witch she met on the internet.

Jessica Simpson

The unlucky-in-love starlet, who was dumped by American football star Tony Romo the night before her 29th birthday last month, has visited a woman she met on the internet to help her put a spell on Tony and ruin his chances of falling in love again.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: “Jessica is normally a really sweet girl, but she still can’t believe Tony callously dumped her.

“She found a woman in California. The two met at the star’s Beverly Hills home where they lit a candle, burned some incense and performed a couple of incantations.”

The scorned singer-and-actress hopes the meeting will also taint the sportsman’s career, and is waiting in readiness for his next match on September 13, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Meanwhile, Jessica has reportedly been cosying up to football star Colt Brennan – a Washington Redskins quarterback and sporting rival of Tony’s.

The hunky sportsman has even sent her one of his team’s shirts to wear.