Joel Madden: No Plans To Marry Nicole Richie?

For Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, the wedding bells can wait for them – at least for a little while.

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden

Joel Madden revealed, “We don’t have any plans for that right now. We’re just happy, and we’re being a family, and that’s where we’re at right now. But marriage means something different to everyone.”

Joel Madden, who is a celebrity DJ at the Oakley/Suzuki Celebrity Ride Day event in Perris, California, took turned spinning records and quelling notions of a summer rush to the altar.

The “Good Charlotte” frontman revealed, “Right now we’re really happy and we’re concentrating on our family, and that’s what is making us happy right now. We’re moving at our own pace.”

The new father, who has his mind now on raising little daughter Harlow, added, “It’s crazy. Every day she does something new. When she reaches for me, it’s awesome! Just watching her grow, it melts me!”

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