Kara DioGuardi On American Idol Having Little Girl Power

As the new kid on the “American Idol” judge’s block, Kara DioGuardi said her presence has already changed things up as the show readies for its Season 8 premiere.

Kara DioGuardi

The new judge revealed in a conference call on Thursday: “There’s a little girl power going on. [Paula and I] kind of side against the guys.”

But when it comes to the contestants, Kara said it’s the men who have impressed her so far, saying: “I felt that the males were the strongest. There [are] at least five that are great. There are one or two females I’m excited about as well.”

While some contestants from recent seasons have favored rock or country, she said Season 8 promises to have a more soulful sound.

She continued: “Like the way Maroon 5 is soulful.”

Fresh off a flight from Hawaii, where she was in the studio with Colbie Caillat, Kara – a songwriter who’s worked with such artists as Pink and Christina Aguilera — sounded at home at the crowded judges’ table, but she admitted there’s still one thing she’s had to work on.

She added: “I would talk over people a lot. I didn’t really know when to talk.”

“American Idol” premieres on January 13 and 14 on FOX.

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