Kate Middleton: A Female Amateur Rower

Kate Middleton, who is hoping to be among the first all-female crew to row across the English Channel in a Chinese dragon boat, is currently training with a group of female amateur rowers bidding to reach the French shores in the unusual vessel.


Alicia Fox-Pitt, a former school friend, revealed, “She’s been training with us. All being well she will be in the boat. She is a very gifted sportswoman and we played a lot of sport together at school.”

Emma Sayle, a fellow crew member, added, “Kate’s perfect material for our team. She’s stunning and very feminine but is incredibly sporty. She’s the kind of girl who can take part in a triathlon, get covered in mud and an hour later emerge in a ball dress looking flawless.”

The charity race against a rival male team is set to happen later this year.

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