Kate Middleton Does Deer Hunting With The Royals

Kate Middleton takes aim as she goes deer shooting with the Royals for the first time yesterday.


The girlfriend of Prince William, who wore camouflage gear and aiming a fearsome hunting rifle in the prone position, was being coached before joining the main deerstalking party on the Queen’s Balmoral estate. She fired at a practice target.

Her presence on the Highlands shoot is the clearest sign yet that the 25-year-old fashion buyer has been fully accepted into the Royal inner circle.

Kate is spending a private weekend with William at his Balmoral cottage, just a few minutes away from Birkhall. It is part of an effort to pursue their revived romance away from public attention.

The 120-year-old former gamekeeper’s cottage, which is equipped with a large round bath-for-two, is hidden away and boasts impressive views over the rugged Highland estate. The pair has been in Scotland since Thursday.

A spokesman for Prince Charles revealed, “We do not act for Ms. Middleton and so we have no comment to make. What the Royals do on the Balmoral estate is a private matter.”

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