Kate Winslet Becomes A Cover Girl For Harper’s Bazaar UK

Kate Winslet shares her beauty secret when she becomes a cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar UK with catchy lines Kate Winslet: Fame, Family and the Balancing Act.

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Although the “Titanic” star looks stunning, she is definitely against plastic surgery, Botox, chemical help or photoshopped images of her. When asked about her secret on how she keeps herself look youthful, she dishes that it is Lancôme’s Visionnaire Cx. She applies the serum under her moisturizer or makeup. Although the readers may think she is just endorsing the product since she is the face of the brand, Kate insists that the serum is a magic stuff that really make a difference. Meanwhile, fans can buy the magazine, which will release on February 3. And it is also available online as a digital edition.