Lindsay Lohan Got Into A Wrong Car

Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan was returning to her car from the Medical Center in Beverly Hills.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress, who is wearing a sheer, skintight T-shirt and appeared to have forgotten to put on a bra, was already courting attention from photographers and onlookers, as she left a medical center.

During the time that she was distracted by her cell phone chat, she opened up a photographer’s car and she looked inside and realize that the photographer’s face wasn’t the correct ride.

Luckily Lindsay Lohan, who dates the DJ sister of Mark Ronson, Samantha, saw the funny side, bursting into laughter when she realized her error.

It seems she finally noticed her overexposed chest as well, pulling her lumberjack-style jacket around her as she walked to her waiting car.

She was still giggling as she drove off with her friend on locating the right vehicle.

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