Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Fatten Up

Lindsay Lohan may finally put on some weight if movie bosses have their way.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress has looked worryingly thing ever since her very public bust-up with on/off girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON.

But she’s now been told by the producers of new flick The Other Side to pile on the pounds in a bid to look healthier on camera.

Lindsay’s bad-girl reputation and awful work ethic have forced the producers to put down a few rules. The only way the former child star could be hired for the film was to agree to gain weight, attend weekly weigh-ins, adhere to a nightly curfew during filming, and undergo random drug and alcohol testing.

A source said: “They want Lindsay looking like a normal, healthy girl, not a skeleton. So they ordered her to rest up and eat more.

The source added: “They refuse to risk her dropping out of the movie because of her problems.”

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