Lindsay Lohan Parties Pain Away, Dying Her Hair Red

With Samantha Ronson busy spinning records at a DJ gig in San Francisco’s Castro District on Friday night, her former girlfriend Lindsay Lohan used the opportunity to party until the wee hours.

Lindsay Lohan

In fact, La Lohan’s night didn’t even begin until around 1:45 a.m., when the scandal magney finally made the scene at a birthday bash for producer/actor/well-to-do party boy James Krisel.

Lindsay was accompanied to the bash by five guys, including her longtime pal Patrick Aufden camp.

“People were pouring vodka into her red party cup all night,” a guest tells OK! “She was way beyond incoherent. She was totally smashed and couldn’t even form a sentence. She looked so lonely and lost.” Lindsay stayed at the get-together until just before 3 AM and then moved on to her next pre-dawn party.

And it doesn’t look like Sam and Lindsay will be anywhere near each other this entire weekend, as Ronson is spending Saturday night DJing at club mur.mur at the Borgata in .

Meanwhile, on the next day, the young actress made a visit to the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills in order to dye her hair red. She was also reported showing off her new appearances to Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer Willis at West Hollywood’s Nobu, where she dined with mom Dina Sullivan, in the evening.

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